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Gliding (slope soaring) sites

Sharpenhoe Clappers - directions

The car park is off the road between Sharpenhoe village and Streatly, at the top of the hill. The flying site is reached by walking along the path from the car park along side the wood, across the top of the hill in the direction of Barton village and finally passing through an iron gate onto the hillside overlooking Barton. This site is managed by the National Trust and is the only site we fly from that requires no hill climbing!

Deacon Hill - directions

It is advisable to park your car in Pegsdon village near the Live and Let Live pub as break-ins occur frequently at the Icknield Way car park on the B655. Access to the hill from the village is gained by going through the pub car park, walking along the B655 towards Barton for a hundred yards or so, then crossing the road and through a wooden gate into the meadow. You should then turn left, back on yourself, walking in the field alongside the B655 towards Hitchin. After passing through two more wooden gates turn sharp right and follow the hedge towards the bottom of the hill. Pass over a stile, turn sharp left and walk to the hill and up it to the top. By the time you reach the top you will realise just how unfit you are and you should make a mental note to do this walk a lot more frequently!

Warden Hill - directions

Driving down the A6 from the direction of Barton towards Luton, immediately after entering the built up area of north Luton negotiate two roundabouts staying on the A6. Immediately after the second roundabout turn left up Warden Hill Road. Drive to the top of the road and turn left, parking on a gravel carpark outside some school gates and opposite some bungalows. Then walk along the path towards right hand end of the hill as you look at it. At the bottom of the hill pass through a gate and climb up to the top of the hill. You can fly from there but if the wind is dead on the hill it pays to turn north along the hilltop path towards Barton for about one hundred and fifty yards or so, through some bushes to a clearer area just before the Trig Point. This site is managed by Luton Town Council.

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