Letchworth Model Aeronautical Society

Indoor flying

The Letchworth Model Aeronautical Society flies planes, helicopters and quadcopters at our two outdoor Letchworth sites, and gliders from various surrounding hills. We also hold regular indoor flying sessions at Weston village hall.

The powered site at Letchworth Rugby Club is located behind the North Herts Leisure Centre in Baldock Road and is used to fly powered models of various types, both glow plug and electric. Flying takes place here on Sunday afternoons from about 2pm, weather and Rugby permitting. The silent flight site is situated at Wilbury Hill Farm on the western outskirts of Letchworth, and is used for flying quiet electric models and powered gliders. It has a small club hut which provides facilities for model building, Committee meetings and the storage of Club equipment etc.

The club was founded on October 24th 1938 and is therefore one of the oldest established model flying clubs in the country. Every year we elect a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and Committee at our Annual General Meeting. There are a set of Rules and a Code of Practice which govern the Club and its members' activities. The Club is run on friendly lines, and the members enjoy the leisurely flying and informal social contact that it offers. We welcome all interested flyers, experienced or not. Experienced members are always available to help the novice flyer to learn safely. All members are insured upon joining the Club against liability arising from third party damage and injury caused by their models.

We are always happy to help those interested in model flying, offering dual-control lessons to members new to the hobby. If you are interested in joining or would like more information please take a look at this web site, email us at info@lmas.org.uk, or come along to the Letchworth rugby club site for a chat on a fine Sunday afternoon.


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