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Getting started

We fly many types of radio-controlled models, from traditional glow-plug engined aeroplanes to the latest FPV quadcopters ("drones" to the public at large!). When starting the hobby it is easy to spend a lot of money and end up with a model which can only be flown by an expert. The usual result is an expensive crash and a vow to never try flying again! However by following a few simple guidelines, and talking to other members on a Sunday afternoon at the rugby field, it is quite possible to spend a modest amount on a suitable trainer and eventually become one of those experts.

It is probably simplest to get started with an electric model of the type you want to fly - fixed wing, helicopter or multi-rotor. You will need as a minimum:
  • A model suitable for a beginner (talk to our members for advice)
  • A transmitter (and receiver if not already fitted in your model)
  • Batteries (you will want more than one!)
  • A battery charger
You can get other items as you find a need for them. Most importantly, don't order anything before talking to an experienced flyer unless you have very deep pockets! Your best bet is to come along to our powered flying site for a chat on a fine Sunday afternoon.

Click on one of the links above for more detailed information on the various branches of our hobby.

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