Letchworth Model Aeronautical Society

Photo gallery

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Another of Andrew's specials

Andrew launches the special

Andrew's plane dryer

Maggie takes to the air

Ian taxis his Travel Air

Owen watches Phil prepare his Apprentice

The Spit returns from a dawn patrol

Lee displays his splendid Spitfire

Keith's neat little heli

Chris's Boomerang DID come back

Prayer time

Three men and a plane

Andrew with one of his specials

Nattering in the pits

Steve gives himself a hernia

Lee's lovely Spitfire

The Riot takes to the air

Andrew's special in the sky

Spitfire landing

Starting Chris's Boomerang

Melvin's amazing Bitza

Magnatilla ready for battle

Owen gives his Riot a pre-flight check

Allan shows off his magnificent Magnatilla

Owen displays his Riot

Allan readies his Magnatilla for takeoff

Owen prays that his Riot won't crash

Ian loops the Travel Air

Photos courtesy of Andrew Miles

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