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Starting out

We fly many types of radio-controlled models, from the traditional airplanes with glow plug engines to the latest FPV multi-rotors ("drones" to the public at large!). When starting the hobby it's easy to spend either too much money and end up with a model you can't fly, or too little and end up with something you won't enjoy flying. However by coming along to one of our Sunday afternoon flying sessions at Letchworth Rugby Club you can chat with our experienced members. They will advise you how to spend a modest amount on a suitable trainer which will help you grow into an expert pilot. We provide training for members who are new to the hobby, and have taken many novices through to their first solo flights. We have fixed wing trainers and dual-control "buddy boxes" available which members can use before they buy their first plane. Pupils fly under the supervision of a tutor until they are assessed as ready to fly solo.

When purchasing your first aircraft it is usually simplest to get started with an electric model of the type you want to fly - fixed wing, helicopter or multi-rotor. You will need as a minimum:
  • A model suitable for a beginner (talk to our members for advice)
  • A transmitter (and receiver if not already fitted in your model)
  • Batteries (you will want more than one!)
  • A battery charger
You can get other items as you find a need for them. Most importantly, unless you have very deep pockets don't order anything before talking to an experienced flyer! As we mentioned earlier, your best bet is to come along to the rugby club for a chat on a fine Sunday afternoon.

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